Fitness Festival

September 17th,2022







Thank you, Austin. See you in 2023

Elevated 80's Deco Cylinder
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SweatPals App launch party 2022

the ultimate fitness festival in Austin!

dance, workout, connect, and sweat your way through the 80's neon glow

Elevated 80's Deco Sphere

Experience HIIT, dance cardio, yoga, run, meditation, breathwork, food, drinks, music, games, giveaways—you name it!

Elevated 80's Deco Gradient Square

Free of charge!

High Gloss Old CD

Sweat Back to the 80's

High Gloss Old CD

Thanks to our instructors

5 workout zones, 3 time slots. Participate up to 3 workout sessions.

aerobic dance warm-up

Erica Nix

Body Positive Ambassador, Aerobics Champion, Artist

Running Coach

Bold Blocky Dumbbell

PJ Thompson

Founder of 5Run2, Runner's world run coach , lululemon ambassador

Mobility, functional patterns & Animal Flow

Kourtni Mason

Mettlesome MOVEMENT Coach,

L-1 animal flow instructor,

trainer at Squatch Frontier Fitness

Kettlebell Workout

Danielle Gertner

Founder of Warrior Women atx, Speaker, Emcee & Self-Mastery Mentor

Insid3Out ATX, intuitive dance & movement instructor

Intuitive Dance

Wendall Tseng

co-leader of 5run2

Running Coach

Jamie Pratt

Full core workout

angela gargano

American Ninja Warrior Star, Speaker, pull-up revolution creator

Breathwork & Ice-bath

Ellie rome

founder of Comfortzone Retreats, Emotional Eating Coach, Breathwork Leader

Hiit workout

Kolbie Knorr

Barry's instructor

Former NCAA D1 Athlete

Slow vinyasa yoga

Hannah charles

instructor at practice yoga austin, 3rd eye meditation lounge & lizard yoga

Hiit workout

Taylor Isaacs

founder of team nasty,

fitness trainer

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#SweatPals Fitness festival

#SweatPals Fitness festival

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#SweatPals Fitness festival

#SweatPals Fitness festival


Jason nemer

Co-Founder of Acroyoga,

Olympic performer, Author

Dopamine Disco Dance

Jen Veltri

Founder of dopamine disco, ballet, tap, jazz, and hip hop dancer

Power Yoga

diana wilcox

E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher, instructor at YTX Yoga

dance cardio

Julia Ryan

Taylor Isaacs

Fitcidence dance instructor,

certified VXN instructor

Acupressure & Accupuncture

Dr. Jen Smith

Founder of indigo health, Doctor of Eastern Medicine, Licensed Acupuncturist

Atomic Athlete

Brittan Morris

Owner & Coach at atomic outpost, professional ice cross racer

Gradient Gradient Shapes 13

Event Schedule

Bold Blocky Dumbbell

6:00 PM

Doors open

6:30 PM

pre-workout pep talk

6:40 PM

Aerobic dance Warm-Up with Erica Nix

7:00 PM

Class CIRCUITS and ice bath

(Working out is optional)

8:30 PM


9:00 PM

dance party &

Bonus acroyoga class

10:00 PM

Doors close

Thanks to our Vendors

Thanks to the austin fitness communities

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Fitness Festival

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